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Need help with your Deskphones? Check the KB articles we prepared for you!

One of the most viewed topics here in the Community is about hardware, which includes many questions about desk phones. We gathered Knowledge Base articles that will help point you in the right direction regarding your team’s deskphones. We have also shared some helpful articles on common issues that users often encounter.

Here is a list of supported deskphones that are compatible with RingCentral. You may buy these products from RingCentral or bring your own device (BYOD). The list includes ALE, Avaya, Cisco, Mitel, Poly, tekVizion, Unify, and Yealink. To review the models of these brands, click the KB article below.

If you have viewed the list of supported deskphones, you probably now have an idea of what brand you would like to purchase or if your existing phone is compatible. Let's now move on to how to provision your phone. Provisioning connects your deskphone to RingCentral's VoIP servers so you can use it for secure calling, audio conferencing, and online meetings. The KB article below provides the step-by-step process. Please be advised that Tech Support can help you with this, too. If you encounter issues while working through the process, submit a ticket, and our Provisioning Team will be more than happy to assist.

Now to help to familiarize and manage these devices! You can configure, add or delete phones on your account through the Admin Portal. We’ve also included some information on some valuable phone features, such as Hot Desking, Paging, and Shared Lines.

Call forwarding is a phone feature that redirects a telephone call to another destination and forwarding to a deskphone is one of the options. Admins and users can configure this setting in the web portal. Follow the link below for more details.

If you encounter problems with your phones, you can try troubleshooting the issues yourself. Below is a guide for the most common issues and their solutions.

Do you have additional questions or concerns about deskphones? Please leave a comment below and the Community team will lend a hand!

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