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Q4 2023 - MVP App Updates Released in October
Tags: community announcement
Nov 14, 2023 at 7:48am   •   0 replies  •  0 likes

In the October 2023 release, RingCentral has introduced an array of exciting new features to enhance your user experience on RC App, RC Webinars, and RC Rooms. These exciting new features have been carefully developed to make your communication and collaboration experience even more seamless, efficient, and enjoyable. Let's delve into these features and discover why they were developed.

RC App

  • Bridge Call Appearance

Customers who need to configure delegation relationships, but have one or more users who prefer to

use their deskphone, previously we were unable to use our delegation feature. With BCA, they can mix and

match a BCA group with users who will use the RingCentral desktop app w/ those that want to use

hardphones (or users that would like to be able to use both)

  • Replace "Unknown" with Phone number on active call screen

Customers who start an ad-hoc conference are unable to difference callers if they are “unknown” or not

in their contact list. This makes it hard for the moderator to remove the right participant or select the

right caller to merge calls into.

  • Push to talk: settings for beep sounds

Turn on/off the beep sounds of outgoing/incoming Push-to-talk audio messages. Users who are used to the traditional physical push to talk devices would like to have beep sounds before and after a Push-to-talk audio message – we have built the capability. However, some users

would like the capability to turn off the beep sounds.

  • Support moderator control for Breakout rooms

The moderator can have all BR privileges like the host. Attendees can contact the host or moderators to

control BR. Attendees can contact the host or moderators to control BR. Currently RCV only allows the host to create/manage BR and communicate with participants. Often the host needs other facilitators to help manage breakout room sessions, also the attendees would like to contact assistants for help when the host is too busy.

RC Webinar

  • Webinar is now available for RC UK and AU customers

RCW is now available in the UK and Australia. As of 10/6/23, customers in RC UK and AU brands can purchase RingCentral Webinar Licenses via the Meeting Add-Ons Page on Service Web. Buyers benefit from the same cost-effective promotional pricing as US and Canada customers.

  • Moderated Q&A

Webinar hosts can now moderate incoming questions enabling them to filter content and exercise greater control on their webinar session. This major improvement to the Q&A feature allows webinar staff members to approve or reject questions with a click, controlling what attendees see. This control in turn enables webinar staff members to filter out inappropriate or off-topic content.

  • Team Collaboration: Add Panelists by name

This enhancements simplifies the experience for webinar hosts to invite Panelists. For new hosts (especially those that self sign up from E-Comm) who need to invite Panelists to their webinars. This improvement simplifies webinar setup, allowing organizers to sync contacts and add panelists by name.

  • Branded Lobby for Webinar Attendees

Attendees of Marketing Webinars now see a branded lobby as they wait for their webinar to begin. RingCentral Webinar automatically generates the branded lobby behind-the-scenes when the webinar organizer creates a branded registration page. This saves the webinar organizer time and effort, and it ensures a consistent registration and join experience for attendees.Branded lobbies give attendees a reason to stick around while waiting for their webinar to begin, thereby maximizing attendance for the event.

  • Multiple language support for webinars

Webinar organizers can now choose one of 18 languages for their session when scheduling the webinar. This selection then flows through all aspects of the webinar from calendar invitations to email reminders to

registration landing pages. This major advance makes RingCentral Webinar attractive to buyers and users in

non-English speaking markets.

  • App Onboarding for Webinar Buyers

Webinar Ecomm customers now see a custom onboarding experience familiarizing them with the product. Webinar Buyers who self sign-up for a 30-day free trial now see a simple two-step onboarding guide quickly acquainting them with the product and encouraging them to download the RingCentral Desktop App for a superior experience.

  • Webinar tips for Novice users

RingCentral Webinar now provides novice users with valuable tips, simplifying essential setup tasks and minimizing potential errors. Our aim with RC Webinar is to eliminate the stress associated with webinars, ensuring a seamless experience for all users when it comes to scheduling and hosting webinars. This enhancement offers guidance to novice

users, making it easy for them to navigate essential tasks and minimize errors when scheduling a webinar.

  • In-Webinar Product Tour

Webinar Organizers now see a simple in-app tour when they launch a webinar for the first time. For first time hosts running a webinar, this tour, which takes just under 30 seconds to complete, familiarizes them with core controls essential to running a successful webinar.

RC Rooms

  • Versions older than 6 months will not be supported

To encourage users to upgrade Rooms app in time and enjoy newest features and bug fixes, if Rooms is on a version 6 months older than the current version, users will be notified 4 weeks ahead before the app is no longer supported.

  • ATT/Telus brand support on Windows de-branded app

ATT/Telus users can now use their own room account to log in to RCV Windows Rooms for meeting experience. Rooms has support ATT/Telus brand on Android platform in 2021 Q3. In 23.4.10, Rooms has completed. BSS integration and Windows Rooms starts to close the gap and support ATT/Telus brands at first. The rest of brands will plan to support it in the upcoming releases.

If you would like to learn more about how these features can benefit you, please don't hesitate to send us an email at

Also, there are plenty more feature improvements to look forward to this quarter, so stay tuned for further updates!

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