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How to execute a URL on inbound calls

There are two ways to do this. The easy out-of-the-box way to do this is to use our softphone app which can open a URL upon incoming call. This is documented in our RC for Desktop User Guide (search for "external app"):

If you don't want to use the softphone approach, you can write an app (will need to define it in the Developer Portal first) that listens for incoming calls and opens a URL in the browser. This can be either Browser-Based app, a widget (the RingCentral Salesforce app does this) or a standalone app.
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Hi Benjamin,

Is it possible to accomplish the reverse on iOS? For example, will the RingCentral app on iOS accept a URL?

Also, is there no other method (other than writing an app) to execute URLs on inbound calls from your iOS app?
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Is there a way to alter this to only search when the call is answered?
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At the moment due to a limitation, we have the feature available only on call ringing. However, you can create a case with our RC Softphone Team using the support portal and they would be able to provide some updates on it:

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I think my question is similar to the original post, but I could not find the answer under "external app" in the pdf as noted.

Is there a method for an incoming call to trigger hitting an external URL, passing the calling number and the target number. I don't need this displayed in an app, I just need the trigger to activate external pieces of our own system.
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Hi, Brian You can try to use RingCentral Embeddable to listen incoming call event.  This is a demo to open google search page when got a incoming call
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Any progress on this?
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Are you just looking for an event when there is an incoming call to a certain number then trigger whatever action you want to do.

Check out this blog and the example project to see if that would satisfy your need.

Otherwise, do you mind to post your full question in a new thread.

+ Phong
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