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  Please note the community is currently under maintenance and is read-only.
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RingCentral Developer Access FAQ
Tags: getting started
Sep 1, 2015 at 1:16pm   •   0 replies  •  0 likes

A few questions clarifying the Developer Access and creating applications in Developer Portal RingCentral :

  • How to Login to Developer Portal to Create applications ?

To Login to the developer portal use the Main Company Number and the password associated with it. ( i.e the credentials which is used to login to Service web: )

  • Should I create a Sandbox Account upon login to the Developer Portal for the first time ?

When you first register your application at the RingCentral for Developers portal, a sandbox account is automatically assigned. You can create more than one application and every application would have the sandbox/production credentials associated with it.

  • How do i create an application in Developer Portal ?

Login to the developer portal ( ) using the Main Company Credentials and navigate to My Apps -> Create App

  • How to get an API Key, API Secret and an Account Id ?

API Key and API Secret can be found in the developer portal under the application which is created.

Login to with your main company credentials and navigate to your application -> Credentials -> ( all the application credentials are listed for sandbox/production )

  • What is the Service Web URL for sandbox and production endpoints ?

Sandbox :

Production :

  • What is the Developer Portal URL for sandbox and production endpoints ?

The Developer Portal URL is same for both sandbox and production. You should always login using the Main Company Number associated with your RingCentral Account.

  • How to start testing RingCentral APIs in sandbox ?

The easiest way to start testing our APIs would be by using our API Explore here You can start filling out your RC sandbox credentials and start going from there. We have self explanatory documentation in the link above

  • Are there any charges to setup Sandbox Account or How can I try the API with my Sandbox account?

There is absolutely no charge for setting up the sandbox account but in order to use the Developer Platform your RingCentral Account should be either Office Enterprise or Office Premium Edition

  • I have seen that an application can be registered in the developer portal, so are there any charges for running the application ?

There is no charge for registering an application in the Developer Portal. There are no charges for running the application nor making the API calls in the sandbox at the moment.

  • Where could i find all the documentation on RingCentral Platform APIs ?

You can find all the necessary documentation with our APIs could be looked up here at :

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