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Attn: FinServ/Healthcare Admins - Virtual Meet-Up Topics

Hey, Friends!

Our Customer Engagement team are planning a series of Virtual Meet-Ups in March in an effort to create a space for you to share your best practices and Business Line Objectives.Our team will be sharing the latest on RingCentral and how we can align to your objectives.

If you are an admin/director level customer and work in the FinServ or Healthcare industries, wed love to hear what topics, specific to your industry, youd like to learn more about.

Please share your topics below and well do our best to address them. Please note, because of the limited time, we may not be able to cover all your great ideas.


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Maybe people in those verticals are too busy to be in the community forums ;)
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You may be right, Brandon! We've got some work to do to entice them to join us here!
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Bumping to get some eyes on this!

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