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Live Now! - Enabling Service Status Notifications

Hey, Admins!

Did you know you can now sign up your users and/or distribution lists for Service Status Notifications via your RingCentral Online Account?

AND  - Adding an extension for a distribution list will not cost you anything!

Below, we've shared Quick Steps for Enabling Service Status Notifications for Users, Signing up Distribution Lists, and the Knowledge Base article that shares an overview of how Service Status Notifications work and gives a handy step-by-step to subscribe and keep your team in the know via email, SMS, or both!

Quick Steps - Enabling Service Status Notifications for Users

  1. Log in as Administrator on your RingCentral Online Account.

  2. Go to the User List located under the Users tab.

  3. Click on the name of the user extension you would like to enable the notifications for.

  4. If the user extension is not yet activated, activate first before proceeding.

  5. Click on the User Details.

  6. Validate the registered email address and mobile number. Edit and save as needed.

  7. Click on the Notifications tab and click on Service Status Notifications.

  8. Click on the services that are appropriate to monitor for the user then click Save.

  9. This user will receive notifications on any service-impacting incidents for the features

    you enabled for them. 

Quick Steps - Signing up Distribution Lists:

  1. Log in as Administrator on your RingCentral Online Account.

  2. If the distribution list is already saved under one of the extensions, follow Enabling

    Service Status Notifications for Users.

  3. To set up a distribution list as a new user, go to the User List under the Users tab.

  4. Go to Unassigned Extensions tab.

  5. Click Add User.

  6. Under Location, Domestic should already be selected.

  7. Click Add Users Without Phones.

  8. Enter the number of users based on how many distribution lists you want to be added.

  9. Select No under With Numbers.

  10. If Multi-Site Settings is enabled, follow the sub-steps under this step, else proceed to

    Step 10.
    a. Select a site that they should be attached to.b. If Cost Center Code is on, apply them.

  11. Click Add and hit Next.

  12. Click on Ext. with no device assigned.

  13. Set up the password, PIN, security question, name, and distribution list. Click Set Up


  14. Go to User with Extensions.

  15. Click on the name that you recently set up for the distribution list.

  16. Click on the Notifications tab and click on Service Status Notifications.

  17. Click on the services that you want to be notified of, then click Save.

  18. This distribution e-mail will receive notifications on any service-impacting incidents for

    the features you enabled. 

Service Status Notifications Knowledge Base Article 

Let us know how it goes! We're excited about this new addition and hope you are too!

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our account manager signed me up when this became available- so far no actual impact since no system issues have affected us (a good thing!) but it sure does make me breathe easier to know that i'll get an alert if something is happening.
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So glad to hear you're all signed up!
Also glad to hear no system issues have effected you - but if it happens, it's great to have a notification feature in place to give you a heads up.

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Today the incoming call service is totally down for all Canadian RC lines (re: Incident Notification- 28632 ) , and yet no one at RC will update the status page to reflect the proper status of the service. This also occurred several months ago when there was an sms issue that lasted several hours. Both today and several months ago we phoned RC tech support and emailed them to update the status page so that we can rely on it, but no response.

PLEASE - either take the status page down or keep it updated accurately so that we can rely on it. We also have automated monitoring of the service through the RC API, and it is obviously also indicating the wrong status of the services.

Currently I have users referencing the status page and calling me as the super-admin arguing that there is no RC issue and that their incoming call problems must be due to some programming I did - this is causing major issues!

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(Note - that for the past 2 yrs there has been a permanent SMS service issue for all Canada lines for sms messages longer than 158 char - they are almost always delivered in the incorrect order and not re-joined to display as a single message. - this shows nowhere on the status pages)

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