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Service Status Update

Hi Everyone! We hope you're all staying safe during these trying times.

You may have noticed when calling into conference lines that there is a busy signal, or a delay in connecting. Conference lines are being impacted by upstream carriers reaching their capacity due to the influx of customers working from home. As a workaround, please utilize alternative US and Canada numbers to call in to your meeting, or use computer audio during your call instead of dialing in for audio.

Additional US and Canadian numbers have been added to help combat slower connection times.

Find all the available teleconferencing lines here:

Don't forget you can always check out all known issues at

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I just want to share another update, or tip rather, with regard to working from home, and Jessica's message above. 

First, with regard to this excerpt from our System Status page 

"RingCentral continues to review internally and work with external PSTN carriers to do what we can to ensure proper capacity in order to accommodate the large number of customers working from home. However, as much of these capacity issues exist outside of our span of control, we recommend utilizing RingCentral's digital services such as VoIP soft-phones, the RingCentral desktop and mobile applications, and web audio features on Meetings and Conferencing as an alternative to calling via PSTN" 

We are seeing a lot of requests from customers wishing to forward their RingCentral numbers, to their cell, or landline numbers.,  Per the message above, this puts extra stress on the PSTN carriers.  You can simply avoid this by downloading the RingCentral app for Desktop, or Mobile.  Then just log into the app on your phone or desktop computer.  No forwarding to an external number is needed!   

In addition, this will allow you to maintain all call controls via RingCentrals apps unlike when the call is transferred to an outside number.  

I hope this helps!  

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