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Outage: Failed inbound calls and faxes to Canada over multiple carriers

Incident Summary:

A portion of RingCentral customers may be experiencing failed inbound calls and faxes to Canada over multiple carriers.

Start Time:

Oct 29, 10:33 PDT


RingCentral continues to monitor the fiber cut and remains in contact with the underlying carrier. The current estimated time to resolution for this issue is this afternoon. Further updates will be provided in the afternoon, or when there is a significant change in status.

Additional Resources for Information:

Please note that the incident above may or may not be affecting your account. You can find more information at the RingCentral Service Status Site. You can view the service status specific to the network segment where your account resides. You will need to log in with your password so we can identify your account.

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James Whone avatar image James Whone commented ·

Same question from me, where is the redundancy? Our company has surely lost out on thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars in revenue being without phones for 24 hrs and counting. How does a company of your size have it's network crippled from 1 cut fibre line without any contingency plan???

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ben12 avatar image ben12 commented ·

We are over 4000KM away from the fiber cut. i require an immediate explanation for why this essential business service has no redundancy in place?

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Becky-Community_Manager avatar image Becky-Community_Manager ♦♦ ben12 commented ·

Hey, @ben12 We'll reach out to your account manager to discuss this issue with you further.

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Gord Breckenridge avatar image Gord Breckenridge commented ·

Why was there no redundancy? no fail over?

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Benjamin Coolahan avatar image Benjamin Coolahan commented ·

So how does one forward there Ringcentral number to another number so they can still run their business? I have done it in your portal but as the call never gets to you then it never get forwarded.

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ben12 avatar image ben12 commented ·

What is the temporary workaround mentioned on by Twitter support for this devastating issue?

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Becky-Community_Manager avatar image Becky-Community_Manager ♦♦ ben12 commented ·

@ben12 As we learned more about the issue it was determined that the workaround would not help for a fiber cut.
We understand this is very inconvenient, but when we have new information we will absolutely update this thread. Thanks for your patience.

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