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Quarterly RingCentral Community Pulse Survey Update 4/2021

Hey, Community Members!

Thanks for your feedback on our Quarterly RingCentral Community Pulse Survey.

I want to follow up on some of the feedback we received and make sure we’re being transparent as we move forward.

As usual, we’re open to hearing from you at any time and hope that you’ll reach out to me directly if I can assist.

We heard from many of you that you are using the Community to find out if you’re the only one experiencing a problem.

This community has been around for a while, so there’s a good chance that either someone has experienced your issue in the past or they have feedback or a workaround that might help you solve your issue. That’s what we want! We hope you’ll stick around and lend your experiences and feedback to this space.

We’ll be sharing a bit more content in the Community in the upcoming quarters, and if there’s anything you’d like to learn more about or ways in which we can enrich your experience - shoot us an email.

We asked what was the least useful element of the Community - and got a lot of thoughts from you.

But one piece of feedback stood out - it was that our Community team often tells members to open a case or submit an idea to the portal in response to an issue. I get it - these responses aren’t solutions to your problems and it can be frustrating if you come to the Community hoping someone can help to fix your issue.

Sometimes we can, but sometimes we can’t. Sometimes, the issue you’re experiencing needs to be logged with the Support Team so they can follow up, troubleshoot, and collect information about your issue for bug tracking or escalation.

The same goes for the Ideas Portal - we know the feature requests and ideas you’ve submitted have a real-world impact on your teams and workflow. The Community team is sensitive to that and we’re working hard behind the scenes to review ideas and communicate with the Product team about what is important to you. Know that every vote and use case is imperative to the Product team - the more information the better.

So, please continue to give feedback; share your experiences and challenges.

You had some things to say about the Ideas Portal and we’re so glad you did!

This team has been focused on making the Portal a reliable place for you to leave your ideas. We’re dedicated to accountability and transparency - and on the backend, we are actively reviewing ideas and getting them in front of the correct teams.

We’ll be sharing updates in the future about the Ideas Portal and look forward to hearing more from you.

And finally, we asked about what you’d like to see in the Community - and we really liked learning that you’d like to contribute more!

So, we’re going to noodle on what we can do to get you all more engaged and contributing. If you have any brilliant ideas, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and share. Are you not getting the training you need? Do you want to talk to someone from the integrations team? Is there a product feature you’d like to learn more about or share your feedback on? Let us know! We’ll grab some folks and get everyone connected.

At the end of the day, we’re here for you. To listen, to support, and to get your concerns to the right folks.

I’m excited to see how we can grow together - and stay tuned for updates!


Becky - Senior Community & Social Media Manager

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