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Alert: interruptions of service to push notifications

Last updated: April 20, 2021 at 5:00pm

We are currently experiencing an intermittent problem in which the ability to create and renew push notifications and webhook subscriptions becomes temporarily unavailable.

Applications affected by this issue will receive a "503 Service Unavailable" HTTP response when calling the following API endpoint:

Active subscriptions are unaffected by these service interruptions, and the rest of the RingCentral platform is performing normally.

Who does this impact?

This service disruption impacts only developers who are creating new subscriptions or updating or renewing existing subscriptions via the API.

What can developers do to mitigate this problem?

We recommend that developers implement logic to retry any failed attempt to create or renew a subscription after a set interval until the subscription is successfully created. This mitigation strategy will address most if not all problems that would occur from this intermittent problem.

Current status

We are currently investigating this problem and are actively working towards a resolution.

When possible, our support team is taking steps to extend the lifetime of existing subscriptions to ensure they do not expire while an incident is occurring. This helps to mitigate the impacts of this problem only, but is not a reliable solution in all circumstances.

Developers can visit to see if the issue is actively affecting the "Connect Platform."

We will update this post with new information as it becomes available.

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Devendra Laulkar avatar image Devendra Laulkar commented ·

This seems to be impacting existing subscriptions as well - Any ETA on resolution/fix?

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Aron Hardy Bardsley avatar image Aron Hardy Bardsley commented ·

This is certainly impacting existing subscriptions. I am unable to receive glip events from the webhook I had in place. It was previously working for the last 6 months and it stopped working in the last day - around the same time as this announcement.

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Alex Mitchell avatar image Alex Mitchell commented ·

Would this prevent existing subscriptions from being called? I had to delete and recreate an existing subscription in order for it to work again. We went 12 hours without any events coming in even though the subscription was listed as "Active" from the API.

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Aron Hardy Bardsley avatar image Aron Hardy Bardsley commented ·

This is now working again for me. Is there any update with a resolution available? Or is the servce still being restored?

I don't want to "jump the gun" and tell our users until we get an official confirmation

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Roman Lunin avatar image Roman Lunin commented ·

Please consider the following ticket, our existing SMS webhook, that worked perfectly for month or so, just stopped working - server access log say it was not called, the problem appeared 2 days ago approx.

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