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SMS - Multi Users - Same Company Number,Multiple users - SMS Inbound/Outbound - Main Company Line


Can someone please explain how do some companies utilizing RingCentral are able to:

Text from the main company number under different company representatives

In other words, I call the company, John picks up a call and tells me my phone sms history between someone else I txted with through their main company line.

Or I speak with Jessica and she says I will send you a + sign just reply to it and she sends a txt message through their main phone company again.

When I speak with RingCentral customer support they say it is impossible for multiple users to share texting feature from the same company phone line that when users text they txt or receive txts to their direct lines.

Anyone? :)



I am trying to figure out how to set it up so that our RC users can all text as if from the main company number and be able to reply back and browse through any txt history with external numbers.

I know that others have been able to accomplish that because other companies in our industry are using RC in such a way.

Hope someone can help. Thanks!

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@Andrei Hippix, this is currently a feature request. Kindly add your vote at Feel free to visit our Support site at, if you have any other concerns.

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