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Problem with calls in the queue not ringing any phone


We are having issue with calls being sent to the queue and it doesn't ring any available agents.

Initially, I had it to ring all simultaneously and occasionally (5-6 times a day), you will see call sits in the queue for more than 10 minutes and then eventually become abandoned.

I then have it set up queue as rotating and setup to transfer calls waited over 3 minutes to send to voice mail (rather than losing the call) but I can still find calls sits in the queue for over 3 minutes and then changed to abandoned after 4-5 minutes.

I have re-created the queue as support suggested and it doesn't help.

Does anyone have experience with losing calls in the call queue?

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mary-community-moderator avatar image mary-community-moderator ♦♦ commented ·

I can see that your Call Queue setup is correct. It should not be missing calls. Would you please continue working with our Tech Support Team? It shows that it is now escalated to Tier 3. Kindly wait for the result. They'll do everything to resolve the issue.

You can always visit our support site to troubleshoot other issues or learn more features at

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Timothy Jablonski avatar image Timothy Jablonski commented ·

Did Ring Central ever resolve this issue for you? If so what steps did they give you to resolve the issue for good?

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Simon Wei avatar image Simon Wei Timothy Jablonski commented ·

No, but I've finally figured it out myself.

Default forwarding for all phones are all Warm Transfer.

When warm transfer calls to call queue, this happens frequently.

Once I set the forwarding to cold/blind transfer, the problem disappeared. I had to set all company phone (200+) all default to blind transfer. I was surprised that I've involved a few high tier support and no one point out the type of transfer could be the issue.

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