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Performance Reports subscription not delivering

Performance reports not delivering via subscription.

I feel very confident it is set up properly however I have not been receiving the reports via email.


Any suggestions to troubleshoot? Calling RC tech support is awful, and most of the time the call just disconnects..terrible cs

Thank you

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Hi @Jeremy Mlynarek, by any chance, did you just delete it? I checked on your portal and it only shows four subscriptions and it doesn't include your email.

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Also, Jeremy, I checked with Analytics Team, and they mentioned that there's currently a problem with subscriptions that causes late delivery. The team is currently working to resolve it. For other concerns or to know more about RingCentral features, you can always visit

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No I have not deleted any. As you can see I have created multiple reports (hourly) to be delivered by subscription.


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Thanks for this @Jeremy Mlynarek. As I mentioned, there is currently a known issue.

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It appears that I am finally getting these subscriptions, I hope they have found a long term solution.

Lastly, my file contains a "Filters" tab that even though I only requested the "Calls" tab when building the subscription.

@Mary-Community_Moderator Is there a way to remove the "Filters" tab when I get this report?

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@Jeremy Mlynarek, Can you please send a screenshot?

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