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After adding a phone to a ring group, it is not ringing

I have added a new phone to my Ring Group, and for some reason it is not ringing when a call rolls over, even though all the other phones in that group ring. Anyone have any ideas?

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First of all please check if the phone configuration is correct and there no DND for that number, also make sure that the phone is not mute and ring mode is on.

"When you add anew phone number into the call forwarding list, make sure that the toggle switch is set to enable" ref:

If issue persist, please check with technical support team here

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Hi, yes, the configuration is correct. The phone is not on DND, it is not on mute, and the ring mode is on. The phone does ring if a call comes directly to that extension. It only refuses to ring when part of this Ring Group.


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May I know which number are you referring to in this screenshot?

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Sure! The top number in the ring group, (505) 582-2354

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