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Cannot use either the Desktop or Web-based app with RingCentral for inbound/outbound calling

I just upgraded my computer last week, and it hasn't worked correctly since. I've deleted and reinstalled twice. I used the web-based app, as that was suggested in the forum, but I get the same results. It is slow to the point of being unusable. Outbound calls NEVER go out, and Inbound calls ring to my PC, but I can't answer. It seems like general system slowness, but this is the ONLY app experiencing the problem. My IT team is stumped.

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@Ben Kohns Thanks for reaching out. This is unusual - and not something our team is hearing about from other users.
Can you or your IT Admin create a case with our Support team?
If it is indeed a singular issue, they can help troubleshoot. If it's a bug, they may already be working on the issue and your feedback about the issue will be helpful.
You can create a case HERE.

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Hello, @Ben Kohns! Apologies for the inconvenience. We would highly suggest opening a case HERE. Our phone support will reach you as soon as they get your request. You can also check our support site Thank you!

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