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Using a VoIP Intercom for inbound 'calls' only

One of our customers has Zentinel TCIV-2 Video/Audio intercoms at their facilities and would like to have those devices call our offices after hours for support. I contacted RC technical support and while the tech was extremely helpful, he wasn't positive this functionality will work as desired.

One thing that's throwing a wrench in our configuration is that we don't want to be able to call from our office TO the call boxes, just from the call boxes to our office.

We're also potentially going to need dozens of these devices setup, which is something we'd prefer not to have to assign phone numbers for.

I've read through this post from 2017 where a user had a number configured, so I know the integration is possible, but we'd prefer to cut out the extra cost/time/configuration for setting up dozens of numbers, devices, and users.

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@seth-koberg I'm wondering (although it would probably require some investment) if our professional services team could help scope this for you.
They might be able to assist with an efficacious way of approaching the project.

Someone else might be able to pop in from the Community to share their feedback as well but wanted to throw this option out there as well.

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