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No Audio on Outbound Calls in RC App

Been using RC Phone on Win 10 for a while with my Jabra headset, it worked great. So I decided to switch to the bigger RC app to get familiar with it before we end up switching our entire organization.
But there's a problem...I have no audio on OUTBOUND calls.

If somebody calls me, it works great. If I call out, even internal numbers and queues, there is no audio at all.

The headset still works perfectly for Teams calls and meetings through Windows, but not outgoing calls with the RC Desktop App.

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Hi John, we don't have a known issue the same as what you're experiencing. Would you please submit a support case?

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Hi Mary, I contacted support and the 2nd-level tech investigated and told me this was a "known bug" in the RC App desktop and there's no fix yet, other than to switch back to RCPhone for now.
The best test was when the tech had me use the web version of the app at where the problem was still present.
Anyway, thanks for pointing me to support, and hopefully they get it worked out.

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Thanks for this helpful information, @john-oliphant.

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adam-witek avatar image adam-witek commented ·

I'm experiencing the exact same issue. I'm on MacOS 10.15.17 (but this has been a problem for a while)

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Misty Stroud avatar image Misty Stroud commented ·

Having this same issue using Android App. I work out in the field quite a bit and this is very frustrating when I need to call a client. This is obviously an ongoing issue they can't seem to find a solution for.

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@Misty Stroud, Please submit a ticket for your issue so that Tech Support will have an additional case to investigate.

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