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Scheduled meetings don't appear on the video meetings page

I have two meetings scheduled but none of them appear. How can I fix this?

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Hi @Phil Dudman, can you please provide a screenshot so we can check? Thank you!

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Hello @Phil Dudman, there is currently a known issue with scheduled meetings in the RingCentral App. The Product Engineers are already working to resolve the issue. We'll give you an update when it's fixed.

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Hi @Mary-Community_Moderator ,

Do you have any update on this from the product team? The mobile app works fine, but the Windows desktop app still does not show scheduled meetings video meetings if there is no connection to Microsoft or Google calendars. Meeting Info can be manually copied and pasted into a separate scheduler, but only during the Scheduling process. If it is not done at that time, users have no way of accessing their meeting info afterwards and must schedule their meeting again. It's a very clunky process.

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Hello @Kyle Heney, sorry for not updating you as I have overlooked this thread. Upon verifying with the Product Team, it turns out that meetings, events, and contacts will only appear in the RingCentral app when you connect Microsoft or Google calendars. Those are currently the only options. Please add a feature request in our Ideas Portal regarding this.

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Phil Dudman avatar image Phil Dudman mary-community-moderator ♦♦ ·

Thank you, Mary for letting me know

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You're welcome!

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Thank you.


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@Phil Dudman Were you using the Outlook Plugin by chance?

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Hi Becky. Thanks for your reply. I have set up the link to Outlook. The details show up in my Outlook calendar, which is great. But the problem - no listing on my meetings page - existed before I linked Outlook. I'd like to have the option to edit scheduled meetings

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This may have to do with not connecting to Google or O365. I had a user schedule a meeting using the website and it opened an account on which then was displayed as a schedule meeting on the website. We have an on Prem Exchange server and we are running into feature issues that would not exist if on O365.

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