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Scheduling Ring Central Meeting in Outlook

Does anyone know of any way that it is still possible to schedule a ring central meeting from Outlook? The meeting app was discontinued today and no one in my company can schedule meetings anymore. From what I am seeing, it is now only possible in Outlook 365, so we are looking for a new phone system and meeting platform as this is unacceptable.

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@alison-sedler I'd like to help.
I'm going to work with your Account Manager, but could use a few more details about how you were scheduling meetings before so that I can help identify next steps.
Feel free to message me here or shoot me an email at

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I'm sure we were doing what most US businesses are doing: scheduling our meetings in Outlook client through the plug in. Since there is no longer any way to schedule meetings through Outlook client, Ring Central is not longer a viable platform for our company.

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I've replied to your email. Please reach out to me directly and I'm happy to continue the conversation and assist further.

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