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200 Response with no Records - URI with AGW-401 Authorization header is not specified

Hi all,

I'm using the Call Log API for some reason I'm getting a 200 response but with no records

curl --request GET \ --url '' \ --header 'accept: application/json' \ --header 'authorization: Bearer U0pDMTFQMDFQQVMwMHxBQURWMW5RMUM1NzBzOFRpYU5ENDBUSFhpa3RFemVRMlA1WnkycWNkcWhsbVVEOGF5RlFXaklaV09FcWNMSUFuSzJONF9QWWRPMEVYNENYQjd4dmJsWHJoeDJLT2I1dHROV0hIczcycTVONm13N1NzX2NxeXc3Nk1VSm1HSlhYNzRuZTJ3YTNuTHlNQmI3TEZ6YUpLX0R2YUppZ01WRkphb01JcTBhUE9fYmRscTZ2WUM3eVR4TlItOXA4Vkp0QWNvNExSVVR2bmVVOVZhN0YzOWVRVjNUeE98SkVrdzFnfG80eDd6cGpfZDZicWpHdV9JaXdnMlF8QUE'

I'm getting a 200 Respond but with no records but I know I should receive some

Checking the URI on the response I see this:

{  "errorCode" : "AGW-401",  "message" : "Authorization header is not specified",  "errors" : [ {    "errorCode" : "AGW-401",    "message" : "Authorization header is not specified"  } ] }

I'm I doing something wrong?

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Call like this:

curl GET --url '' -H 'Accept: application/json' -H 'Authorization: Bearer your valid access token'

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Hi @Phong Vu

Still getting 0 records I have tried with the Extension number and also the phoneNumber but nothing I'm supposed to get some records but not sure what can be the problem I have the ReadCallLog permission and my Token is valid, would it help if I share my Organization Name?

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I am still not sure about your situation now. Can you login or not?

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Yes, I can, I'm using the sandbox, do you think that maybe the sandbox doesn't have data and only on production may work?

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