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Any good Dashboard/Switchboard/Operator Panel (Besides the HUD)

We recently had to move to RingCentral because of an acquisition and I'm fighting to find some parity on a few features. Today's target: A Dashboard/Switchboard/Operator Panel.

We are using the HUD (in the Desktop Application) and it works decently, but there are some decided shortcomings.

A) One issue is that if a call is transferred to somebody else (ie: Alison receives a call from 'ABC Client' and transfers it to Mike) then after the transfer is complete is will show Mike's extension as 'On Call with Alison' instead of 'On Call with ABC Client'.

B) Another issue is that there is no way to do a condensed grid layout, which can make it very frustrating/impossible to see everyone

C) The last issue is that the Presence feature does not respect DND being set on a physical phone, so people who want to have a physical desk phone push DND on their desk phone, as well as DND on the Ring Central App.

Does anyone know of anything that can help us out with any of these items? We're not opposed to using an Add In of free or pay software

Sample of the FOP (Flash Operator Panel) that we used with our old system (FreePBX) that worked great


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You can check all these requirement and missing feature from the app with and workaround with

They can help you out

Also if you feel some feature missing and need to be implemented, you can request for feature in this portal

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