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How to pass Exercise all requested permissions for Glip scope(permission)


We are in process of satisfying Graduation requirements for our RingCentral BOT application in Dev sandbox. We enabled the Bot webhooks and subscribed to Glip:Posts and Glip:Groups events in Apps --> <AppName> --> Bot Webhooks . The webhook subscription is created automatically upon Bot installation and it is working as expected.

Our permissions are

Team Messaging For Team Messaging related operations
Webhook Subscriptions Needed for Subscription enable
Glip For the subscribed Glip:Posts and Glip:Groups events

Here is our current status of Graduation Requirement


Could you please help us to satisfy Exercise all requested permissions for Glip scope(permission) as mentioned above ?

we are using HapiJs framework and once we receive the webhook Glip events we responded with 200 Status code.

reply ( '' ). code ( 200 );

Is there anything we missed out or need to handle to satisfy this requirement ?

Thanks in Advance.



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I think Team Messaging and Glip are equivalent. Glip is there for legacy. Try removing the Glip permission and wait for an hour and retry the graduation.

Let me know if that does not help

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If we remove the Glip from the permissions then Webhook subscription is not created.

Glip permission is needed for Glip:posts and Glip:Groups webhook events subscription.

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Then try removing the Team Messaging permission. I did removed the Glip and use the Team Messaging and it looks like it still works.

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Removed the TeamMessaging scope.
We are creating Teams and posting messages. App functionality works good .

But still Glip is not succeeded as above.

@Phong Vu

Do we need to call /restapi/v1.0/subscription endpoint from the code ?

We enabled the webhook in the Bot Webhook section as below


It automatically creates the Glips:Posts and Glip:Groups subscription for us.

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