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New RingCentral Video recordings have multiple issues compared to RC Meetings Recording (Zoom)

I am finding multiple issues with RC Video meeting recordings vs the legacy RC Meetings product (based on Zoom). Including:
1. Recordings are low quality
2. Recordings drop the shared screen in recording
3. Name of recording assumes some random "other meeting title" when using Instant meeting

We previously used RC Meetings recordings to have "1 person meetings" and record tutorials and videos to show what users were experiencing to share. This won't work and we have had to resort to using Zoom instead.

Wondering if anyone else is seeing this. I submitted a case...and will report any updates to this post. Thanks

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Agree - There is no spotlight speaker option. Quite a downgrade from RC Meetings.

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Hi @sherri-whitehead, may I know what you mean by spotlight speaker?

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Thanks for reporting this, @Scott Walker. Let us know how it goes with the ticket you created.

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Update - no word from support yet - attempting to escalate

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@Scott Walker Let me investigate what happened to your case and get back to you.

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Hi, @Scott Walker Update on your case, your case was not escalated by the system properly. They said that it will be assigned to someone now and will contact you.

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