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CallRecordingExtensionResource Issue

BulkAccountCallRecordingsResource bulkAccountCallRecordingsResource = new BulkAccountCallRecordingsResource
    addedExtensions = new CallRecordingExtensionResource
        id = "123456789",
        callDirection = 'Inbound'

Using the above(I've removed my extensionID and made it 123456789), I'm getting an error for the first single quote in "callDirection": CS1012: Too many characters in character literal. When changing them to double quotes I get: Cannot implicitly convert type 'RingCentral.CallRecordingExtensionResource' to 'RingCentral.CallRecordingExtensionResource[]'


A while ago I made a Python script that does what I'm attempting to do with my C# program, the issue was pretty similar and had to do with the structure of the param, it needed to have "[ ]" brackets before "id" and after "callDirection".

Is the structure in my code accurate, or do I need to change it?

Here is what I had to do with Python to get it to work a long time ago(notice the "[ ]" brackets), but when trying this fix in C# it tells me it's invalid.

body = {
    'addedExtensions': [
        'id': <ENTER VALUE>,
        'callDirection': 'Outbound'

On the API documentation it states to use this in Python:

body = {
    'addedExtensions': {
        'id': '<ENTER VALUE>',
        'callDirection': 'Outbound'

Not having any luck on where Phong pointed me to for the other issue earlier:

Also, when looking at the SDK, it looks like 'Inbound' is correct, that I'm using a string for callDirection under CallRecordingExtensionResource:

namespace RingCentral
    public class CallRecordingExtensionResource
        public CallRecordingExtensionResource();

        public string id { get; set; }
        public string uri { get; set; }
        public string extensionNumber { get; set; }
        public string type { get; set; }
        public string callDirection { get; set; }

Any help is appreciated!

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Can you try thing like this

BulkAccountCallRecordingsResource bcCallRecordingRes = new BulkAccountCallRecordingsResource();
var ext1 = new CallRecordingExtensionResource(); = "12343566";
ext1.callDirection = "Inbound";

var ext2 = new CallRecordingExtensionResource(); = "343243434";
ext2.callDirection = "Inbound";

bcCallRecordingRes.addedExtensions = new CallRecordingExtensionResource[] { ext1, ext2 };
var res = await rcsdk.Restapi().Account().CallRecording().BulkAssign().Post(bcCallRecordingRes);
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You're awesome, thanks for the help Phong.

I do have another issue with getting detailed answering rules, is there another call to make for detailed instead of simple? In Python I would just add '"view" : "Detailed"' in my params and the output would let me parse through all of the detailed output. However, when adding the detailed param in C# the SDK doesn't have the detailed keys so it throws errors when trying to parse through them.


This is what I'm using

ListAnsweringRulesParameters listAnsweringRulesParameters = new ListAnsweringRulesParameters
    view = "Detailed",
    enabledOnly = true,

var handleIDs = await rc.Restapi().Account("~").Extension(;

var fwdId = handleIDs.records[0].forwarding.rules[0].forwardingNumbers[0].id;
var fwdType = handleIDs.records[0].forwarding.rules[0].forwardingNumbers[0].type;

The SDK doesn't have a "forwarding" key (in fwdId and fwdType) after "records[0]" so it throws me an error, even though I'm requesting a detailed list

Trying to use the ID/Type to set the users default answering rule, if there's a more simplistic way of doing it please let me know

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