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Scheduler Issues

Has anyone had issues with Scheduler?

I installed it a week or two ago via the On Premises install and it would show up under the Outlook 2016 Ribbon when I click New Appointments. This week it is greyed out so I removed it. After re-adding now it only shows up when I create a New Email and only if I click the blue Add-Ins icon on the ribbon. One machine I am unable to Sign In as the Sign In button in the right nav doesn't do anything. A second machine I can sign in but I only get the options within the right navigation box, I don't get any time or date options within my email. If I do the same process in the portal (again On Premises; ex; I can sign in, I get the options in the right nav and in my email body I can schedule times and dates.

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@erik-vlach Thanks for sharing this experience. Have you created a case with support for this?
They might be able to help troubleshoot this a little.
Someone might pop in and have some input on their experience, but in the meantime, let me know if I can help to get you some support to identify why you're experiencing varied issues on different machines!

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Thanks Becky, I did open a ticket and currently working through the issue. Its a tough one so any fix info from the community that had similar issues would be appreciated!

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Absolutely, @erik-vlach - that's what we're here for!
Reach out if we can assist further.

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