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How to Delete All Contacts

Hi All,

Due to a malfunctioning synchronization, my RingCentral account now has about 8,000 contacts consisting mostly of duplicated entries. I am unable to figure out how to reset the contacts. I checked with RingCentral support and they did not have a way to delete all contacts. It is not possible for me to do this one at a time. Even a screen macro would not work because RingCentral does not show the delete button in the same place for every contact.

Does anyone have a script I can use to delete all contacts so I can start over?

Thank you in advance.

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I checked in with my team and it sounds like a bulk delete isn't possible - but we do have a way to overwrite.
I'm sharing a couple KB articles below.

Take a look and see if these help to resolve your issue.

If not, we can discuss if there are other options and loop in your account manager as well.

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