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Declined Recurring Google Calendar Meeting still appearing in Ring Central Video

One of my colleagues left the company and didn't delete a recurring meeting he had organized. Even though I've declined all instances of the meeting in Google Calendar,


it's still appearing in Ring Central Video meetings.


I've tried disconnecting my Ring Central account from my Google Calendar and then re-connecting it, but the problem persists. I don't see any way to remove meetings from Ring Central; it appears to show all the meetings in my calendar, but it also includes this meeting which I've declined.

I'm stumped about what I can do next (besides campaigning to be made a Google Workspace administrator so I can delete this meeting from my ex-colleagues' calendar).

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Not sure if this is from Google calendar or from RingCentral integration. Let me move this to our Customer community to see if someone can help.

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Is there a way to move the question, or do I need to recreate it under the Customer community?

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Ooh, it appears to have been moved already. Thank you!

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