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Ringcentral for Salesforce - transfer a call

Has anyone created their own resource / instructions RingCentral for salesforce call transferring and conferencing & what the difference is and how to perform the function?

We recently upgraded our RingCentral for salesforce integration to version 18.3 and the transfer/conference function has changed and is creating confusion. I can't find any self-help material that is up to date that shows the newer versions of this function.

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@Wally Lane Let me reach out to our integrations team and see if this is something they have some insight into.

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@Wally Lane I spoke with one of our internal team members on the Saleforce integration side.
Is this for the Contact Center integration for the RingCentral for Salesforce app in the App Exchange?
If that is the case, they are saying they are on the 6.17 version and not 18.3.
Can you clarify a bit more about your set up?

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Hi @Becky, it's the Nice inContact CXone Omnichannel (link) app for Salesforce app in the app exchange. As usual, we receive direct marketing from Nice regarding upgrades etc, however we have the partner product of Ring Central. Our Salesforce app has always been branded as RingCentral when installing the Nice upgrades.

Even if we were using the version you suggest, I still can't find the instructions we are looking for as a basis.

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