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Automatic Call Recording notification

The users in my organization are becoming concerned after receiving these notification emails that states to the user "an administrator of your RingCentral phone system has turned on automatic call recording on your extension". My employee receives this notification at random and there is no audit log of this interaction. There is no way of turning off this email notification without turning off call recording for the user all together. The other option is to change all user email to one a single email. neither of the option or good enough, I need the employee to still receive email notification of their missed calls. My employee feels as if IT department are listening in on their calls and we need a solution to remove this notification completely or re-word the email in such a way that it doesn't villainize my department. We have been a RingCentral customer for 3 years with hundreds of users and we pay a lot of money for RingCentral services, and we feel as if this problem needs to be accommodated. RingCentral Q.PNG

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Hi Raul, we raised this concern already, but we have no updates yet. Would you mind adding your vote for this at

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