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Query extension by phone number

I have to write an app that sets a call forwarding destination for a user. In order to call the API I need an extension ID.


However, all I have is the users DDI phone number to query with. So it would appear I have to first get a complete list of all phone numbers on the system and this will include their extension IDs.


From there, I can use this list to lookup the extension ID for a specific phone number. I have over 25K users on the system. This takes time and puts load on the system. Is there no way to query just one phone number and get just it's details?


rest api
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You can call this API to search by phone number. However, the API rate limit group is heavy, which means you can call the API max 10 times per min. If you need to search more often, the best way is to read extensions' numbers once and keep them in your own database/array and implement your own search. Of course, you need to keep track of extension number changed to update your list. One way to do that is to listen to extension event notification and detect the changes.

Check out this filters

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Many thanks!

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