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RingCentral Video missing features that were in Meetings app

A couple of issues have been pointed out to me by users that were recently migrated to RingCentral video.

1) When screen sharing, in the previous Meetings app there was an option to share a user defined area of the screen. That feature appears to be missing in RC Video.

2) When screen sharing, only the presenter is able to annotate on the screen. If a participant hovers the mouse over the annotate tool, a message states that the presenter has disabled annotations. However there seems to be no way to enable annotations for participants. This worked as expected in Meetings.

Am I overlooking anything here or does this functionality indeed not exist in RC Video? If not, any idea when it might?

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Regarding #2, after more testing this is in fact working.

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Can you please share this feature in our Ideas Portal so others can vote for it? Thank you!

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