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Best way to get ring/wait/hold times and abandoned call stats?

I am just beginning my adventure into the Ring Time api. Looks pretty cool.

We need to report to our client various breakdowns of average call time, wait time, hold time, the number and distribution of abandoned calls, voicemails and more.

I assumed the call log data would include these things, showing the steps and stages in the life cycle of each call. But it doesn't.

What is the best practice around this? Understand we need to report in the aggregate across months of calling data. In fact, we would like to download this data for the past several months to provide a baseline.

It seems the Notification API would allow us to receive a torrent of call events moment by moment, which we could filter to assemble our stats, This would work, but is not optimal. (I'd like to go to the deli and simply order 50 finished sandwiches, rather than have the deli owner fling lettuce, tomato and ham slices at my head for four hours, trusting I'll bring a certain DIY spirit to the endeavor.)

If it matters, we are working with AWS. If there are best practices for accomplishing this that go beyond the obvious (webhooks > API Gateway > SQS > storage > analysis), I'm glad to learn!

Also, if the Analysis API provides what I am looking for, then great. I'm spending part of today researching that.

Thanks in advance!

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You can get lots of call metrics from the Analytics API. Check it out.

But if you want to implement the reports yourself, read these blogs for solutions.

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Yes, thanks! I'm looking at the Analytics API (I mistakenly called it the "analysis API"). This is probably going to help the most.

Your two articles are helpful w.r.t. webhooking the live events. But as to my deli metaphor, I'd prefer to collect historical data than have to gather it and assemble it on the fly. (In fact, we'll need start with downloading a few months of historical data as a baseline.)

Thanks very much!

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