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Mobile Data Only Option

We have a lot of stability and network quality issues with the RC application and taking/receiving phone calls. After spending an extensive amount of time troubleshooting we have concluded that this is because the application is forcing the phone to toggle between WIFI and mobile data based on the available signal or lack there of.

Turning the WIFI off on the mobile seems to work but is certainly not a long term solution as other apps and phone back-ups require WIFI to function.

The only options you have are:

1. WIFI or Mobile Data

2. WIFI or Carrier Minutes

3. Carrier Minutes Only (Which essentially bypasses the application and full functionality including phone recordings will no longer work.

There needs to be a 4th option here for the mobile phone RC application to include: Mobile Data only.

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I agree. We operate in a semi-mountainous area and have been using the mobile-data or cellular minutes option. My RC calls still don't go through properly. I was going to change to cellular minutes only - but you're saying the calls don't record???

Also, any idea if having 5G will make it any better?

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