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Fax Webhook Events


I am using the RC Javascript library (v4.7.0). Our app graduated from sandbox to production. Our integration with RC currently uses webhook subscriptions. We successfully tested these integrations from our sandbox with no issues.

Once we moved to production, we were able to subscribe to the Account Telephone Session event. This works as expected. However, we are not getting Inbound Fax Events.

The inbound fax subscription is set up through the event filter:


Based on my understanding, this subscription would capture all faxes received by users under our account and trigger the webhook.

However, this is not happening. As it stands, we are only able to trigger the webhook by sending faxes to the sandbox phone number.

If we pull our subscriptions, we can see it:


Are we doing something wrong?

We are trying to automatically download and forward incoming faxes to the intended recipient through our own system.

Our app client id is g_qij6n3RAqIijYDyLWN5w.

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First of all, don't waste your resource by creating separate subscription for each event type. Instead, you should add multiple event types into the eventFilters array and make just one subscription.

eventFilters: [

When you receive the notification event, simply detect the event type by checking the value of the "event" the process the payload accordingly.

To your question, I just make a quick test and Fax notification works as expected. I see you specified the extension id in your event filter, is that the extension id of the authenticated user who subscribed for the notification? If it is not or you don't know, then try with the tilde and send a fax to the user who logged in the app. If you expect to receive inbound faxes notification for other extensions than just the authenticated user, authenticate your app with the super admin user.

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How can I find out who the super admin user under our account?

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You can call this endpoint and check the permission info.

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Thanks for the info, just circling back to this. I have verified that I am authenticated with the super admin user.

We are still unable to get faxes to the webhook for all users.

We are only able to get faxes to the webhook from faxes to the authenticated user.

The event filter we specify is:

  1. /restapi/v1.0/account/~/extension/~/fax?direction=Inbound

Are you unable to get faxes from other users under the same account (different extensions) when authenticating with the super admin user? We authenticate using a JWT that was created with the super admin user.

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