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is something wrong with the app graduation process for webhooks?

I've deployed my app dozens of times over the past several months however this week I'm seeing a problem with the app graduation process. I've re-run my web hooks about 30 times and still they are not registering. 1647431228607.png

The permissions tab shows no Webhooks


But on the response times tab... what is this n11s? Somewhere RingCentral knows about my webhook subscriptions GET POST and DELETE requests....


Thank you,


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You can exercise the Webhook Subscriptions permission by subscribe, read, renew and delete a subscription several times. Just ignore the n11s/ next to the endpoint. It's an internal path which is not meant be shown there.

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@Phong Vu Thank you for your Answer on Zak's Question.

From my side, I can say that I have tried this answer many time, and it just doesn't register the permission as being used.

Is there something else I can try as I am urgently needing to get my client to start using the integration.

My Client_ID = fk1w1cjvQQqptDvg52_sgQ

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Can you call the extension/call-log a few times and reduce the error % by making more successful API calls. I can help graduate by bypassing the Call Control and Webhook Subscriptions once you are done with the above mentioned.screen-shot-2022-03-16-at-95833-am.png

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@Phong Vu We are currently doing that as we speak. These additional errors and endpoint occurred while we attempted all possible routes to have the Call Control and Webhook Subscriptions register.

I see that the Graduations analytics updated at 2022-03-16, 16:16:25 UTC. This means that we should be able to see it as all passing at +_ 2022-03-16, 20:15:00 UTC.

Would you please check again at that time to see that all passes and then graduate our app by bypassing the Call Control and Webhook Subscriptions?

Thank you SO SO much for helping on this!

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I have exercised the webhooks get post and delete at least 30 times. My graduation process is scripted so I execute all my endpoints dozens of times.... I'm logging all my api error codes and I'm sure that none of them have resulted in an error. I can confirm that I'm getting events over the webhooks. yet the graduation process indicates no webhooks have been executed and it's been about 24 hours.

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What is your app client id?

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I escalated the issue with management and my app has been graduated. Thank you Phong Vu, I always appreciate your prompt replies on this message board.

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