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Graduating RingCentral Application

My application with clientID: G8E9ItydR4aK2CA6SLlItw is showing that it is not able to be graduated but the graduation requirements aren't refreshing correctly. I have exercised all permissions as well as made 5+ calls to each endpoint and have less than 5% 4xx errors. If you view the page under 'analytics' for the last 24 hours you can see each of the tabs "API Calls", and "Endpoints" is correct but "Permissions" still doesn't correctly reflect the permissions I have used correctly. That includes the API call to renew/webhook and which would satisfy the "Webhook Subscriptions" permission and the API call to create the webhook subscription with create/subscription with an account level telephony webhook. (Which I can verify I am correctly receiving all webhooks) that would satisfy the "Call Control" permission. Thank you for your quick resolution in helping me graduate our application today.

rest apideveloper sandboxwebhooks
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Sometimes there is a big delay. Checked and manually graduated for you,

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Thank you so much! I can see that reflected on my end now. I have just one more quick question would you guys be able to move over the Marchex marketplace application over to this new one you just put into production? Or will I need to manually make it and just delete the old one?

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I can check with the team. But if the old app profile is months old, then I would suggest you create a new one since there are changes in app gallery profile.

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I've deleted the old application and am ready to submit for approval but am now seeing this. screenshot-2022-03-21-141708.png

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Developer sandbox tools

Using the RingCentral Phone for Desktop, you can dial or receive test calls, send and receive test SMS or Fax messages in your sandbox environment.

Download RingCentral Phone for Desktop:

Tip: switch to the "sandbox mode" before logging in the app:

  • On MacOS: press "fn + command + f2" keys
  • On Windows: press "Ctrl + F2" keys