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If I enable call recording by extension do I sill need to enable it by Ring Group?

We haven't been on RingCentral for that long and am still working my way through a lot of features. It has been decided to record all inbound calls for all extensions in our service department. All of these same extensions also belong to the same Ring Group. Since recording is enabled at the extension level is it necessary at the Ring Group level?

Any help/guidance would be appreciated.

Thank you,

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Short answer is 'Yes'. Extension and Call Group are two separate entities.

We created a template to override the Call Recording, and then every so often go back and re-run it.

For some 'unknown' reason - call recording keeps getting turned off on random staff... and there's nothing in the Audit Log (when that works) that shows it, nor has tech support been able to say what's causing it to get switched off.

Also - if you're using it for trying to go back and review calls in the past - recall that RC doesn't store anything past 6 months. (why 6 months, again - no clue when storage is cheap) You'll need to get a good storage/export service to hold anything longer.

Please remember to look at your local/state laws for regulations on call recording/notification to callers - that's a big deal here in California!

Have fun.

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Perhaps it is due to deleting/re adding extensions for turnover staff? That's usually when I have clients mention the recording isn't enabled because it won't automatically add the new user back into the auto call record group unless selected.

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Hi Joe,

Thanks for responding so quickly. What about the "warning message"? Will the caller hear that message twice - once when they hit the Ring Group and then again when it hits an extension?

I wasn't aware of the six-month limitation so thanks for the heads up there! It does seem strange. We came from Mitel and had years worth of recordings.

Our state does allow recording as long as both parties are notified so we are good there.

Thanks again!

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Yeah, they will hear it on all extensions that have it enabled. So, if the call is transferred to another extension from the Ring Group, they'll hear it again.

Everything depends on your call flow, but it might be worthwhile to implement a simple IVR for inbound calls to your main number(s) that states "thank you for calling, blah blah blah, this call may be recorded. To be connected, press one. Otherwise, blah blah". This then covers you for the advisory message for calls.

After that, we usually just upload a blank automatic call recording message that no one would notice (ie: using your computer mic to record for half an instant and uploading that as the auto record announcement) so that you don't have so much crossover with the recording message when transferring between extensions.

All of that said, what I suggested works best if staff call out using the main numbers so that when the client hits redial, it hits your menu with the message. If they use their direct numbers, it's a bit more complicated.

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Susan Pieroni avatar image Susan Pieroni tak-it1 commented ·

Thanks for the insight. Now that I am more comfortable with how RingCentral programming works perhaps revisiting our call flow is a good idea.

Recording silence is something that I never thought of. That's a great tip!

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You know... in all this time, I've never checked. *yikes*

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