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Unable to update app settings in developer console?

I'm trying to update a few settings for my app in the developer app console. However, it will not let me save changes because this question is required:

However, the buttons for the 3 answers are all inactive, thus I cannot select an answer.

I added an OAuth Redirect URI on this screen just 2 days ago successfully. So there seems to be some recent change here.

admin portal
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Byrne Reese avatar image Byrne Reese ♦♦ commented ·

I think I fixed this problem for you. Please let me know.

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Scott Scecina avatar image Scott Scecina Byrne Reese ♦♦ commented ·

You did - I was able to submit my changes. Thank you!

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Byrne Reese answered John Harger commented

Update: this issue reported above should now be fixed.

Thank you for coming here to ask about this. Yes, this is a known issue, the result of a recent update to the Developer Console. We hope to have this fixed in the next 24-48 hours.

In the meantime, I welcome anyone to share the client ID of an application exhibiting the problem, and I can fix it manually on the backend.

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engineering-api-access8821 avatar image engineering-api-access8821 commented ·

@Byrne Reese We have a need to update the an OAuth URI and are seeing the same issue. Ticket submitted.

Client ID: <Removed>

Hoping between this and the ticket we can get it resolved quickly as we have pending revenue for Q1 that needs the URI added.


Byrne took care of this on the back end. Thanks!

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John Harger avatar image John Harger commented ·

@Byrne Reese can you assist with an app we have submitted for approval over a month ago? For security purposes I have my app id but can provide privately. Here is my ticket # 5002H00001OrbbOQAR. Thank you for your help in advanced.

The reference number for your help ticket is 5002H00001OrbbOQAR. To make any updates or to check the status of this help ticket, please visit our support portal at:,RingCentral Platform Team

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Phong Vu avatar image Phong Vu ♦♦ John Harger commented ·

It is ok to post your app client id here. But NOT with client secret.

Also, it seems you submitted your request to customer support. For app development and graduation matters, you should submit support request to the developer support channel.

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