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Can't answer incoming calls on iPhone/Android apps

We're having a problem where iPhone and Android apps cannot answer calls. Our three users are part of the same call queue and incoming calls to our main # go to that queue. Our desk phones and desk apps ring and allow us to answer. On the Android app the call appears but I can't press the green answer button, it just vanishes and on the next ring appears and vanishes. One person with an iPhone says the same thing happens to them, another says they don't get a notification that a call is coming in.

We called support and L2 support reset our connections and incoming calls worked on our cell phone apps, but the problem has returned.

We've tried logging out on our cell phones and logging back in, still no dice. And we can answer these calls on our desk and Windows app phones.

Any ideas?

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I suggest that you reach out to Support again so they can do additional troubleshooting to fix the issue entirely.

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