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Service not running for QOS test


I am trying to run the QOS test ( and it just loads a page with a small bar across the screen, but does nothing even after waiting several minutes. It just keeps redownloading the installer, which I have already ran. I have checked and the necessary services are running, but when I go to the page to check it says it can't talk to the service. Tried running on Mac, Linux, and Windows, but all have the same issue. I have checked to make sure the two services are actually running in Task Manager/Activity Monitor and they are there, but it still won't talk. Is there something I am missing?

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Hi Joe, I'm currently checking with Internal Team if there's a problem with it.

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Im having a similar issue with this page. ive installed BCS and it works on other pages but cant get the QoS or VOIP test pages to work. Just see a empty box in the middle of the page

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Hi Paul, please share this issue to our Support Team by submitting a ticket at

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