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Message Only Extension Report

We have 15 message only extensions setup as efaxes and am trying to generate a report that lists each one of the efax extensions and gives a total for each for a specified date range. I've tried utilizing the call log but it only allows me to select one extension at a time which is quite time consuming since this will be run on a weekly basis. I've also looked under the analytics reports but am not seeing any criteria for message only extensions. Am I missing something? Is there a better way of doing this?
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Hi Susan, have you tried building the report in the new LOB Analytics report builder (open beta) located in your Analytics Portal? There you can build a table view of many metrics and filter/group by different dimensions. It may have the flexibility you're looking for.

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Hi Keith, I did poke around a little bit in there but wasn't able to find anything referring to message-only extensions. Perhaps I am looking in the wrong place?

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Hi Keith, I have tried the new LOB but am not seeing anything that reflects Message Only Extensions. Perhaps I am missing something?

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I haven't tested this so it might not work, but you could likely use Call Queues to handle your faxes instead. Ie: add a dummy agent, change the "wait settings" to "don't wait" so that all calls go to VM (and send an efax copy to your added email). This should show inbound calls to the queue (which would only be faxes) and you can filter the data as intended. Again, haven't tested it, just thought it might work. This would just be in reference to the regular performance reports available, and not LoB.

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