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Can there be Multiple recipients for one incoming fax line

I need to set up one fax line to have multiple recipients for incoming faxes. It is for one of our sales team and I need three people to receive the incoming faxes from this one fax line. Is it possible?

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Multiple emails can receive the fax. You have to assign the fax number to a user extension and set up the user's messaging notifications in advanced settings. For your guide, click the KB article below, and follow the instructions for How to configure messaging notifications in the Advanced Settings view. Let me know if you have clarifications.

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Is there a way to set up a common area fax line? I'd like the number to only be used for inbound faxes, and setup the notifications to forward that fax along to the team that would handle them. It looks like you can do this with the company fax number, but I'd prefer for this to be separate. Thanks.

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it is also possible with other numbers, beside the company fax number. For example you can create a free user and assign the "common area fax number" to it.
in the admin portal go to Users > click on the user you created > Notifications > Messaging
Make sure you are looking at Advanced Settings and not Basic Settings.
Configure received faxed notifications to include attachment in the email and write all the recipients in the field, separated by coma.

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