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phoning south dakota blocked

I phoned a number with a South Dakota area code. On my personal phone, it's no problem. Using RingCentral, the number is blocked and needs to be enabled by an administrator (i.e., me).

Since I can block only incoming calls, this made no sense. RingCentral support told me that North and South Dakota calls are blacklisted by default, and I'd need to fill in a whitelist request.

It does not seem possible that RingCentral has blacklisted domestic area codes. Has anybody else experienced this? And is there a sensible explanation?

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Hey, @David - I’m looking into this. Hang tough, as you’re right…this sounds unusual.

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I asked around on this and was told there are some NPA-NXXs in ND and SD that are blocked, but it should not be the entire state by default.
The recommendation would be to go the whitelisting route and be as narrow as possible. We block those NPA-NXX's due to fr
aud typically. But if you want/need to be able to call the entire state, then you would need to just request the 605 and 701 area codes to be whitelisted. But let's say you only need to be able to call 605-313-XXXX numbers, then you should just whitelist those 605-313 numbers to help them avoid fraudulent charges from the other 605 numbers out there that are bad.

Does this make sense?
If not, please feel free to contact us at and we'll explore a bit further.

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Thanks for digging; and it was a 605-313 number. I've asked the end user if she'll need to be calling that number frequently, and will whitelist it if needed.

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