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How to Stop RC Notifications when Windows Focus Assist is turned on, MacOS alerts turned off

Windows Focus Assist is supposed to be a system-wide control over notifications. MacOS also allows for notifications to be turned off. I have Win10 Focus Assist set to Priority Only, which only is supposed to allow the apps in the priority list to give notifications (I've removed all).

Why does RC ignore these settings? Is there a way to mute RC so incoming calls are not ringing during online meetings and popping up on my screen when I'm sharing it? RC should be following the rules for all apps, not ignoring them. I should not have to quit or silence each individual app--most play nice, but it seems RC does not.

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Hi Mitch, I'm asking our Product Team regarding this. I'll get back to you once I have an answer.

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Hi @mitch-turner Windows Focus Assist should not exempt the RC App. Can you please check the specific settings since there are exceptions in place for VoIP applications? If you are using the Priority Only mode, the notifications may still come through if you have that option checked even though the RC App is not on the list. See the screenshots below.



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Mary, thanks for your input. All three of the check boxes on that panel are NOT checked. And I get the popup for the incoming call and ringing from my computer when there is an incoming call even thought Focus Assist is set to Priority only or Alarms only (which is even more restrictive). I realized as I was writing this that it could just be my PC (fairly new, latest Win 10) but I should at least test other devices. I wasn't able to get that done yesterday so this didn't get posted. I'm going to do that testing as soon as I can.

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Thanks, @mitch-turner, let us know how it turns out.

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