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Configuring Custom Answering Rules

I have spoken with Support about this issue, but I can't get an answer on when this will be fixed. I am unable to select Forward to Extension as an option. It will only allow me to do the greeting:

(what I am seeing on my end)

(Options I should have)

I need this fixed so I can route my calls correctly. Please help.

custom greeting
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Just delete your rule and re add it. This happens occasionally. Once you do, you'll see all the options.

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I wish that worked. I tried it again just to double-check, and still not an option to select an extention.

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Capture.JPGWhere are you making the rule? On the Auto-Receptionist? To give you an example, here's what you should be seeing (ignore the colours, I'm using a whitelabel version of RC, but same stuff):

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yes, I am in the General Settings of Auto Receptionist and creating a custom rule under the IVR settings. I need it set by called number and date and time which it is allowing me to do, but when I get to step 3 the option of "Select top level IVR menu or extension" is mentioned, but isn't an option to select. This is what I am seeing:
I've highlighted in Yellow where it should allow me to select it, but as you can see there is nothing to select.
I was able to set up other rules a few months ago with the option that you screenshot and that is what I want to do again.

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