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How to identify a Ring Central caller

How can I identify a Ring Central caller? My calls are forwarded to my cell phone. How can I tell if a call is a forwarded RC call and not a direct call to my cell?

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You can add unique numbers before or after the incoming number to help you identify the call. For example;



Follow the instructions below,

Sign in to your RingCentral online account.

a. Admins: On the Quick Access page in the Admin Portal, navigate to Users > Manage Users, select the extension to configure, then click Call Handling.

b. Users: Navigate to Settings > Call Handling.

Go to Settings > click Edit under Incoming Call Information > enable Add Special Number > choose if you want to add a number to the end or beginning > enter the number > then choose Non-RingCentral phones only > save.

You may visit the KB article below for more information about Configuring your incoming call information settings.

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This did not work. I used "99" as my unique numbers. The result was ALL my calls were directly forwarded to voice mail. I had to undo the process to get my calls Back.

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It should not affect the calls. I will check on your logs and see what happened.

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I never received a response to this.

Your suggestion of adding unique numbers did not work and in fact changed to operation of my system so that all calls went to voice mail.

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