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Authentication issue via Postman

I have an issue with authorization. I created app for pass-based auth (now it's applied only for sandbox) and tried to get authentication token. I downloaded collection from postman with available requests.

I get error like that for password based auth flow (sandbox):
1654689854443.pngI filled out all the environment fields which are required:

Before I tried to use jwt auth, but found that we can't use jwt flow for sandbox.
I tried to use jwt for production (created jwt credentials for production) and got error that I need client_id, but I don't find in documentation that I need client_id for jwt.
Can you help me please? How can I authenticate?

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Hi @Alina Zabolotnaia make sure the "Pre-request Script" also names the variable as "RINGCENTRAL_CLIENT_ID". Can you attach a screenshot of showing what's in that script?

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Password based:


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Hi @Alina Zabolotnaia In order to make sure there are no errors in how your postman collection & environment is setup, can you try to use my Postman collection that I've tested and it works with both 'Password Flow' and 'JWT' authentication flows?


1. Open your postman tool

2. Click "Import" --> "Link" ->

3. After importing, Open the Collection "Auth" folder and "Fetch access_token" is for password flow based authentication and the other one is using JWT. Make sure, "URL", "Header", "Body", "Pre-req" matches yours if you want to check against yours otherwise, make sure the environment has the variables that are needed (see screenshot of my environment -for Password flow). Especially note that the RingCentral Client ID and Secret are named "RC_APP_ID" & "RC_APP_KEY".

4. Paste the values for the following environment variables RC_SERVER_HOSTNAME, RC_APP_ID, RC_APP_KEY, RC_USERNAME, RC_PASSWORD for both Initial and Current value columns.

4. Execute the request by pressing "Send"

5. In the "Response" section of Postman, you should see value for "access_token" that you can use to make subsequent calls, in this collection against Analytics APIs.

screen-shot-2022-06-09-at-10814-pm.pngLet me know how that goes, I can also make a screencast video showing these steps for you if needed.

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Thank you for answer, but with you collection I have the same result.
May we can make a short call on Tuesday for example? If it's possible in first part of day, cause we have big time difference.

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sure, I've sent you a meeting invite for Tuesday morning to help resolve this issue.

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Please, let me know when we can make a call) I haven't email invite.

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