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Onboarding to a new system - No Service on phones

I am migrating my aging ShoreTel system to RC and going through the onboarding process. After configuring my network switches and firewall according to the Network Requirement for Ring Central MVP, I've tried booting up my first three phones, all of which give a "No Service" warning on the display. I opened a ticket with support but only got a few suggestions before I was asked to take the phone home and try it there.

The phones in question are Yealink model T42s

On the phone itself, in the status menu, the message is "Account Unregistered", and in the admin console, the icon next to the phones changed from Order in Progress to Offline, so I know the phone is communicating, at least to some degree. A packet capture from the phones web interface shows this as well. Also from the web interface, I am able to ping the provisioning server "" and the Outbound Proxy Server "", but the Account Status says Register Failed.

All web filtering, IPS, SIP ALG, etc are turned off for the Ring Central rules.
Using Juniper switches with LLDP to push the phone into the VoIP VLAN, and Sophos XG firewall.

Anything else can I look at here?

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That was it, the users had received their invites but not registered yet. We weren't told this was a requirement. Looks like everything is work as it should. Thanks!

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Hey John,

A pretty common issue with Yealinks bought via RC is that when they are added to the portal, the SN is used for the phone vs its MAC. When you go to Phones and Devices (User Phones / Unassigned), can you verify that the MAC is added and not the SN of the phone?

As well, have the users been sent the invite email? If they are showing with the same red X next to their name in the Users profile, the phones will not work.

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