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Cannot fulfill Webhook Subscriptions permissions exercise requirement

I have been trying to graduate the Webhook Subscriptions requirement for requested permissions.

I have created, gotten, renewed, and deleted webhooks multiple times but this will not change. Furthermore, when I make these requests, even after 5 minutes have passed for the requirements to update, my list of endpoints hit do not change. For example, I have created and deleted a webhook subscription successfully > 30 times yet the `n11s/subscription DELETE` endpoint only shows 2 `204s` and 1 `404`. I have been using the webhook callback successfully all day with the event filter `/restapi/v1.0/account/316936004/telephony/sessions?direction=Inbound`. I have made > 30 test calls with this and successfully received the data, however, Call Control has not met the requirement either.

I also do not understand what the `n11s` is on the subscriptions path. I also cannot find any endpoints that end with `subscriptions`, only `subscription`. Can someone lead me in the right direction? I am using the PHP SDK and want to use the API to determine when someone picks up and hangs up a call. I have requested permissions for Call Control for the sessions event filter, Webhook Subscriptions for the callback, and Read Accounts.

As I write this, the number of subscription endpoints hit has increased a lot, so I assume the update of 5 minutes must have been extremely slow. However, I am still missing that requirement in the Status & Review page. I'm not sure how to proceed.

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@Software Development Could you please share the app id of your application. I will have a look at it

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Software Development avatar image Software Development Yatin Gera ♦♦ commented ·
This is my Client ID:
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Suyash Joshi avatar image Suyash Joshi ♦ Software Development commented ·

Thanks, I believe @Yatin Gera will get back to you once he gets a chance.

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Phong Vu answered

Unfortunately, I can't see anymore your app's API call stats for the last 7 days.

1. Can you run your app again a few times to generate enough API call data

2. Can you please rename you app and provide better description to make them more meaningful. In fact, I could give priority and manually graduate your app instantly if your app name and description are well described.

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