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Calls ring less than 1 ring, then hang up

I have at least 3 users now, for whom calls ring their iPhone very briefly, then immediately disconnect. Both queue calls and direct calls to their extension behave the same way. This is very frustrating.

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Have you checked the number of rings under the Call Forwarding Settings? Check the KB article below for instructions.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Yes, I have checked the number of rings. I have changed that setting, along with the "ring all at once" / "ring in order" setting under Call Handling. None of those seem to make any difference.

However, I should point out that the issue is intermittent. I have seen this user's phone drop several calls (from both call queues of which she is a member, and direct calls to her extension) in a row, then suddenly accept a call "properly", all without anyone making any changes.

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Thanks for clarifying this. Since it is an intermittent behavior, please submit a ticket with Tech Support so they can check on it.

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